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Kids Parties Connection has been receiving a lot of recognition and accolades in both local and the national media. Here are a few of the things people in the news a saying about us.

red arrowParenting Journals Editor's Choice Award –September 2007. Kid Parties Connection is a a winner of this award which is made to selected parenting web  sites that exhibit 1) quality information on parenting topics including; child care, education, child health, babies, toys, kids activities, ethics, and character development, 2) User accessibility and support 3) exceptional web design and easy navigation

red arrowBusinessWeek Weekend on ABC News, August 26, 2006 - The Birthday Business, A Reason for Celebration

Everybody has a birthday, so party planners are making every birthday a reason to celebrate. The BusinessWeek Weekend news show runs a piece in which they crash a bash, learn how the pros do it, and see how happy Mom is with the results. Kids Parties Connection is one of two web sites featured in the section of this report focused on the web.

Indy's Child, Party Planning 101, January 2006 - Party Planning 101

Kids Parties Connection is highlighed in a call out box "For Time Crunched or Imagination-Imparied Parents". " - This site provides lists, state by state, or party places and entertainers...This site also helps suggest birthday presents after you type in answers to questions such as age of recipient, price range, etc. There is also a fun list of famous folks born on each day of the year..."

The Hamilton Ontario Spectator, January 20, 2006, Do-it-youself parties is noted in a listing of six "websites inspire ideas" for designing your own birthday party or choosing some birthday crafts and games.

Surfing the Net With Kids - Birthday Parties, March 26, 2003 Surfing the Net with Kids

United Feature Syndicate columnist Barbara Feldman highlights Kids Parties Connection in her column which appears in many papers across the U.S. including the San Diego Union-Tribune, Altanta Journal-Constitution and The Boston Globe.  "...Visit this site to learn how birthday parties are celebrated around the world, and add your own family's birthday traditions to the list via email submission."

St. Cloud Times, Check Out These Tips for  Throwing a Monstrous Halloween Bash, October 23, 2002

Kids Parties Connection is mentioned and quoted in a discussion about popular costumes. "Alien costumes of all kinds seem to very popular this year...says Kids Parties Connection (  This popularity cuts across all age groups....probably because there's so many spooky aliens out there..."

Que's Official Internet Yellow Pages, 2002 Edition

Kids Parties Connection is highlighted as a 3 star site in the Holiday and Celebrations sections, "Learn how the traditions of birthday parties got started, how they are celebrated in other cultures, and get some great gift ideas...".

Sacremento Bee, Make Your Own a Haunted House this Halloween, October 28, 2001

Kids Parties Connection's special Halloween section is highlighted as a site that has "extensive Halloween party suggestions for children".

Long Island Business News, Unlikely Spots for Party Going Tots, March 30 - April 5, 2001

"and demand its services is pretty surprisingly high, because nearly 8 out of 10 children's birthday parties are held outside the home, according to...Kids Parties Connection, a one-stop resource for party planning."

FamilyPC, Five Steps To...Throwing a Party, January 16, 2001

"If you're planning a special event for the little ones, be sure to visit, a cheery site covering all the ins and outs of pint-sized parties. You'll find an extensive list of venues and entertainers - searchable by state - a customizable birthday present suggestion list, and examples of birthday traditions from around the world." Kids' Exchange, Birthday Fun, January 2001

Kids Parties Connection is featured as a fun, safe area for kids to explore online. "Learn how birthday parties became a tradition an dhow people celebrate birthdays".

Saner Ways to Plan a Kid's Birthday Bash, Newsday, New York, January 3, 2001
"Kids Parties Connections ( also contains a lot of fun information, such as the history behind birthday parties, cakes, candles and crowns, as well as a roundup of birthday traditions around the world. (In Ireland they apparently hold the birthday child upside down and "bump" him on the floor, once for each year and once for "good luck.") If you're forgetful, they will e- mail you birthday reminders...What I found most useful about the site is its listing of local party entertainers and sites, many of whom can be contacted by e- mail."

Planning a Party OnLine, the Best Party Lines on the Web, (November 2000)

Caroline Sorgen notes as one of the three best kids parties sites on the web..."track down a local clown or Houdini with this list of entertainers in 31 states".

WPVI TV Channel Six, Philadelphia, Action News (November 4, 2000)

Sallyann Mosey reporting on web party-planning: "The Internet has made party planning a lot easier..SallyAnn Mosey points you to Web sites that can help you throw a holiday hoopla or an unforgettable birthday party for your child. Ask any mom or dad, pulling off a party like this takes time -- a lot of time, but the internet can keep you from becoming a party pooper. Sites that can"

WNBC TV Channel Four, New York City, Newschannel 4 Live at Five (October 31, 2000)

Roseanne Colletti reporting: "You can throw a holiday hoopla or even an unforgettable birthday bash for your child without running around in circles. Just click on line where party planning just became easier. ...... if you need to find a local entertainer, lists clowns and magicians in thirty-one states.

Newschannel 9, Chattanooga, Tennessee (November 26, 2000)

Calvin Sneed reporting on the "best websites for planning a party: "Ask any mom or dad about pulling of the perfect birthday party bash and they'll tell you it wasn't easy...Here's a listing of a few websites that can help you plan a great".

Forbes, Best of the Web, The Good Life (September 11, 2000)

Kids Parties Connection is featured and reviewed in the Good Life, Party Planning section.

"The best things in life may be free, but preparing for them is a lot easier if you can afford a fast connection to the web. Whether you're planning a holiday gala, teaching your kids the proper batting stance or finding the perfect spa, hit the web first.

Kids Parties Connection - As its name makes clear, this crisp, clean site is all about children's parties. In addition to locating a kids party place or entertainment by state, the site guides you to children's gifts by age and gender.... it boasts some unsual bells and whistles, such a list of famous person's birthdays that coincide with your child..."

Kids Parties Connection is selected as an "Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Site" (July 1999)

"Ask Jeeves is the Internet's premier question answering service. Each day Jeeves answers millions of questions...The Ask Jeeves team is continually researching websites to find answers to the most frequently aksed questions. Only those sites that meet stringent criteria are selected to be in the Jeeves Knowledgebase. Theses sites are known as the "Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Sites".

Parenting Magazine, Kids Parties is Featured in the "It's a Party" Section (May 1998)

"Party Line - Tap into entertainment listings in 13 states and Washington DC, to find magicians, traveling zoos, puppet shows, and more at Kids Parties Connection ("

The Wall Street Journal, Work Week Column on Page One (February 10, 1998)

".. (Daric Systems, Inc.) searches for zoo, skating and other locations, or home entertainers like clowns, for children's parties. ....hopes to have locale and entertainer listings in all 50 states on the (Kids Parties Connection) web site."

Kids Parties Wins HomePC's Magazines Best of the Web Award (December 1997)

"Tourists take note: The real world may have seven wonders, but the World Wide Web has 500. The editors of HomePC spent months combing cyberspace to find them and bring them together in our annual Best of the Web list. These must-see sites in 30 categories combine outstanding design, interactive features and--most important-- unbeatable content.

Family Life -Kids Parties Connection - When it's time to throw another bash for your youngsters, this is where to learn about party locations and entertainers in your area. If also has gift ideas and links to sites with animated birthday cards you can e-mail."

The Mommy Times (October/November 1997)

"Although our thoughts are turning towards ghosts and turkeys, there are many who are planning birthday parties during the holiday season. If you would like some ideas on where to have your party, birthday related products and even a children's bookstore, check out Kids Parties Connection. You can also find out about birthday traditions from around the world, how birthday parties began and even which famous people share your birthday. It's a fun and informative site for kids of all ages. Check it out anytime of year!

All About Kids, Cincinnati (September 1997)

"Birthday Resource: Few events in a child's life are as anticipated as the annual celebration of his or her birthday. Parents want their child's birthday party to be memorable and special. Planning the birthday celebration isn't easy, but now help is available on the Internet. One valuable site for parents and children alike to visit is Kids Parties Connection.."

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